January 18, 2018

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman might be the most important political figure in the Middle East today. Since his father was crowned King of Saudi Arabia in 2015, Prince Mohammed has effectively assumed political power, instituting reforms intended to modernise the country’s...

December 23, 2015

 Photograph: Flickr / Mehmet Bilgin


After the Paris attacks, it seems that the revived ‘war against terror’ is now looking more like a ‘new war’. I use the word ‘new war’ with reference to Mary Kaldor’s ‘New War Thesis’, for such the conflict derives from identity poli...

December 23, 2015

Photograph: Flickr / A.Anis 


No horror movie could be as terrifying as the fate which befell Paris on Friday the 13th. Chants of "Allah Hu Akbar" amidst shooting and “This is for Syria" were apparently yelled. Given the recent targeting of “Jihadi John" by US airstrike...

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