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Your editors-in-chief

Jamie Mutch
1st Year Politics
Milly Owen
1st Year Politics & International Relations

About us

Perspectives is a magazine run by the University of Warwick Politics Society. All of our content is written, edited and published by students here at Warwick, providing undergraduates from all disciplines a platform to express their opinions about international, domestic, and local affairs. 


Perspectives goes to print once a term, whilst our online edition is constantly updated to give us students a chance to have our voices heard. We also include our most recently published content in the Politics Society newsletter. To sign up to that, and join the society, follow this link.

Perspectives Beyond the Page is our weekly podcast show. Here we discuss the articles our writers have written for us, as well as other top stories in the news. You can listen to it live on RAW1251AM or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Fancy writing/podcasting for us?

Past experience in writing, radio, or journalism isn't a requirement - all we need is your opinion. If you've got something to say

 (a perspective to give us, you might even call it) whether it's in writing or in speech, drop us an email at or contact us on our socials. 



The views expressed in our articles are the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect Perspectives' editorial stance. 








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