November 20, 2019

Britain is facing its biggest tea-related crisis since the 1773 Boston tea party fiasco. Kenya is Britain’s biggest supplier of tea yet the fertile soils in and around Kericho which allows for this supply of tea is under threat. The problem? A Kenyan governor, Paul Chepkwony, is demanding reparations for the land that was ‘stolen’ during the 1930’s, alongside the threat that he will seize up to two-thirds of the farmland which...

November 18, 2019

The great thing about elections is that they give you the chance to take a look the state of politics, see what party you think will best tackle the issues you deem important and more often than not, debate your friends who disagree with what you believe in. 

Personally, I am going to vote Conservative. But let’s say that for the sake of argument, I say “well why not vote for the Liberal Democrats?” Well, how long do you have?


November 15, 2019

Politics has many established norms. That is why many detest the practice, and were happy to rip up the rules in that fateful EU referendum. Nonetheless, a number of conventional wisdoms remain the case in British politics that are unlikely to change any time soon. Prime Minister’s Questions will always be a ‘Punch and Judy’ adversarial session. Select committee meetings will always seem dull, but are vital for scrutinising go...

November 14, 2019

Can you hear it? It’s almost here! No, I’m not talking about Brexit on March 31st April 12th October 31st January 31st, I’m talking about the metal motorcade of party battle-buses ferrying the leaders of the UK’s political parties from region to region across the UK.

This election is different to the last. In 2017, Theresa May, since assuming office held up to a 25% lead in the national polls. However, her god-awful campaign, s...

November 14, 2019

The election is here! Psephologists, politicians and pundits will be returning to our lives over the next five weeks as we countdown to the election dubbed “the most important in a lifetime”. Not only is the December election important, it also promises to be exciting with the two-horse race of 2017 being torn open with resurgent Liberal Democrats and the young upstart Brexit Party taking chunks out of Labour and Conservative’...

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